What If



Like the last term, we studied the conditions of inserting one space into one other, not just the qualities were important, this time we had to consider the human beings.



Case Study IBA

What is IBA?

The Internationale Bauausstellung or International Building Exhibition (IBA) is a planning methodology implemented over the course of the 20th century and into the 21st century in Germany. The IBA is unique and characterized by a mix of seemly contradictory conditions. Conceptually, the IBA is driven by theoretical and practical experimentation and a goal to produce “models for the city of the future” that address paradigmatic shifts in urban development. The IBA remains capable of large-scale transformations alongside careful experimentation that pushes existing thinking about the city forward. It is both conceptually ambitious and sensitively grounded in local regeneration.

History of IBA

International Building Exhibitions (IBA) have existed for over 100 years. The explosion of cities because of the growth of industry and transportation brought the first building exhibition in 1901. In this exhibition as a document of German art, urban plan, studio and residential buildings, interior design, etc. was planned together. German Working Coalition(which is found in 1907) planned to enhance the quality of German products and their prestige in foreign countries with the cooperation of art, industry and craft. “From the design of a cushion to urban planning” ideology shows their purposes clearly. After that, the Weissenhof Colony in Stuttgart is the most important testimonies of new buildings.(1927) With contributions of important architects, the Weissenhof Colony presented the contemporary development(modernism) in architecture and housing. It dominated the architecture for a long time as a built manifesto. Due to the effects of second world war, Berlin was destroyed and needed to deconstruction. In 1957, Interbau presented a model for the city of tomorrow. Under this project, to demonstrate the superiority of the West over the East. With the IBA Berlin, the repair and reconstruction became an important point. IBA Berlin focused on the renovation of old housing stock and its chances of integrating new housing successfully, so IBA Berlin opened two approaches: IBA – new development and IBA – old building stock between 1979 and 1987. Under the title of the future of an industrial region, IBA Emscher Park in 1999 find the answers for an ecological, economical and cultural redevelopment of a region. Workshop for new landscapes and the urban redevelopment as a civil project continued these approaches until 2013. To conclude, by considering the cultural diversity, economic issues and ecological conditions which change day by day, designing the future of the city in the 21th century is the task of IBA Hamburg. Moreover, imaginations and estimates about the designing and urban planning for 2020 are alive like as a project.




Touch Architecture


          Partners of our firm are Dilara OZLU, Ipek IMDAT and Ufuk UGURLAR. The aim of the partnership of three architects was founded for discovering, understanding, and solving today’s architectural problems.

          Our main approach to architecture is creating a new world by establishing interdisciplinary relations. Therefore, we honor to present a new association to the society with a different perspective of architecture. Every trace left by the architects make a big contribution to the architectural world, so our partnership will try to leave a permanent trace with impressive touches for the future of architecture. In this context, our partnership’s name is inspired from the under the strong meaning of ‘touch’, and we gave a name to our firm TOUCHARCH.

          Duties of members are, according to the regulation, every partner has equivalent rights and works. Each member shall be aware of this and this equality will continue until the dissolution of the partnership. Although each member of the company has equal rights and fairness, the architectural projects are designed by the effort of all and any mistake done cannot be taken personally.

          Term of partnership shall commence on September 19, 2017 and shall continue until December 31, 2017.

With all the acceptance the terms above,

     Dilara OZLU                            Ipek IMDAT                       Ufuk UGURLAR

dilara.ozlu@tedu.edu.tr      ipek.imdat@tedu.edu.tr     ufuk.ugurlar@tedu.edu.tr

Experiencing the Site of Contsruction as an Intern

This summer I’ve done my intership in YDA Söğütözü Residence and Ofis. Time past quickly, I mean 6 weeks, and I didn’t realise how tiring it was till the last day. Working as an engeener and an architect is very hard in the site.

The past 6 weeks was not easy, but it was a great opportunity. I learned alot and I believe that it had benefits in my architectural education. Theoritical knowledge thought in lectures was more realistic after the site intern.