Mimarlar Derneği Ortaklaşalığın Mimarisi

Well, this going to be a late post, put here is the collage we prepared for the workshop. Enjoy!




Well, today I am going to tell something I have never mentioned before. This term I am taking a class called Books of Architecture, something I thought it would be hard to follow because I don’t have a big interest towards books, and actually it became a problem at some point. However, since we are coming to end of the term, I have started to gather my own Lexicon which excites me a lot. The small dictionary will contain the word from the reading, and actually since this is going to a visual and also hold-able material which one would open and read, what it would look like becomes important.

I am still not sure about the material I am gonna use, but I was very inspired from the blog of Lebbeus Wood: https://lebbeuswoods.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/the-next-revolution/ . I also found himself using such a platform to publish his works, opinions and thought very interesting. If you check the link I gave above, you will realise that he ends his each post with the letter of his first and surname in capital. So, I am going to refer to his blog and finish my explanation of each word with the first letter of my name and surname. On top of this, I am planing to gather my bibliography on another booklet and attach that to the lexicon.

Just let’s keep in touch to see the process. I will post the words in few day. 🙂

The Report of First Two Pre-Juries

We’ve been working very hard on this project, and evry member in my team is giving a great effort to improve the desing. So, this post will be good one to see the process on the project. I am not sure how much I have informed you about the analyses done related with the site, though let me slowly start introducing you the design we are working on. (more…)

Biennial for Young Art


Starting from this friday, there was an event in Cermodern to discuss whether there should be a biennial in the future in Ankara and, if there will be one, then how should it be was the other discussion topic. It also was a great opportunity for me, because I had a chance to talk with the Ceo of Cermodern Helün Fırat and the artist of the opening exhibition of the event.

So, if you ask my opinion about having an Ankara Biennial in the future, I am looking forward for it, however I have doubts about it. In the simplest way, since there are lots of differences in between Ankara and İstanbul, both humanly factors and infrastructural factors, I believe that we should adopt and change it. The forums I’ve been today, wasn’t enough to give very sharp discussions,  so I think there will be further discussion platforms about this topic.

Since I am just a third year arch student, I do not want to say “This must be done this way.”  or such comments, so I will hold my thought till the next forums, but I need to say that I have lots to talk and discuss, I believe that Ankara needs something similar to an biennail.

So from the begiging of the term, I was always very busy and I realy had time concern.  I am  very sorry for the late posts. To sumup very quickly, last week I was in İstanbul for the Ozumun, I will probably give more details about this topic on one other my post. Other than my İstanbul trip, that week we also had our first pre jury. Well, we thoguht that it was horrible, thus the result suprised us a bit.