So briefly, my first jury didn’t went very well and I worked a lot to develop my ideas. Before the jury, my aim was to break the borders seen in the factory district and engage the factory zone with its surrounding. I was gonna do that by “exploding the walls of the warehouse”. Demolishing idea came from re-functioning the warehouse as an exhibition hall. WHY exhibition hall?? Since the warehouse had a very strict borders which also inhibited the interaction of humans and the environment, I thought by exploding the surfaces of the warehouse would give opportunity to humans to explore both the surfaces and the structure of the warehouse. So having a program where I was planning to produce new technological brick based materials weren’t very appropriate, and rather than this idea, the jury members suggested me to have a restoration lab and facilities which will support that idea.


Brief informtaion

Since two studio sessions, I’ve been presenting my thoughts about the design proposal. Briefly I explaine them, but till my last study, you can check the presentation I’ve prepared.Evolution of the site_editedEvolution Tuğla üretimi


Scale*ing the screen





So scale exercise is an assignment I always struggle with, and this time it was a bit harder than I thought. Screen is a tool, briefly, and it helps communication of humans and transformation of knowledge.

While scaling the screen, it was important to consider learning and the process.




Just right after the site trip to Eskişehir,we were assigned to study the history of the site. Yeap, of course Hüma Tülce presented very worthful information about the factories in Eskişehir and their evoluation through time. Thus, as my group, we introduced very brief information about the change the site has gone through and besides the history of the site, we analysed the effects the alteration to the site and the people who lived there.

The First Post of the Spring 2018 Term

We have just gave start to spring term, the last term of my third year actually. It’s very exciting and I feel very happy and energetic, even I didn’t have ant time to rest on term break.

Breafly, last two weeks we have done some case studies about restoration of some factories and some related readings, and the most important one the site trip to Eskişehir.

Because it is going to be a long post, rather than one long one, I will post few.


From Eskişehir tour