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Since two studio sessions, I’ve been presenting my thoughts about the design proposal. Briefly I explaine them, but till my last study, you can check the presentation I’ve prepared.Evolution of the site_editedEvolution Tuğla üretimi



Shading Elements


School of Architecture Tsinghua University

Well, shading is a very important issue in architecture we must consider while making desicions, and just after the class I have started taking this year, I know consider these elements more attentively.


Scale*ing the screen





So scale exercise is an assignment I always struggle with, and this time it was a bit harder than I thought. Screen is a tool, briefly, and it helps communication of humans and transformation of knowledge.

While scaling the screen, it was important to consider learning and the process.




Just right after the site trip to Eskişehir,we were assigned to study the history of the site. Yeap, of course Hüma Tülce presented very worthful information about the factories in Eskişehir and their evoluation through time. Thus, as my group, we introduced very brief information about the change the site has gone through and besides the history of the site, we analysed the effects the alteration to the site and the people who lived there.

The First Post of the Spring 2018 Term

We have just gave start to spring term, the last term of my third year actually. It’s very exciting and I feel very happy and energetic, even I didn’t have ant time to rest on term break.

Breafly, last two weeks we have done some case studies about restoration of some factories and some related readings, and the most important one the site trip to Eskişehir.

Because it is going to be a long post, rather than one long one, I will post few.


From Eskişehir tour

Part of my lexicon

The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt Key word: Windows

Communication is an important tool used by each living creature, as well as the architects, in our daily life. Thus, to have a good communication, the architects are in a need of technical architectural vocabulary, and as it is stated in The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt, the technical words will change and be replaced with the new ones, once architecture alters. The term window will be a good example: fenestre, forme and veriere, even they all have similar functions, because the openings go through a change, there name also changes. Briefly from the book, fenestre is seen in Laon Toweras “opening” or “hole in the wall”. Around 1150’s because stained glass become popular in art, Villard started using veriere rather than fenestre and forme was used to express nave of Reims.  Even some architects do not agree with Villard and Villard was not consistent every time when making the right vocabulary choice, technical word help architects to specify architectural elements and most of the time improve communication.

Villard de Honnecourt, “What’s in a Name?; Villard’s ‘Preface’; Villard’s Technical Vocabulary; Survival of the Portfolio,” The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt, ed. Carl F. Barnes, Aldershot and Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2007, pp. 1-2, 10, 16-19, 22-26.


Four Books on Architecture by Andrea Palladio Key word:provision of the material before construction

In Four Books on Architecture, Palladio considers what architects must focus on plans and elevations through the process of building, from very beginning of the construction to the very end: durability, beauty and usefulness. As stated in the book, members must calculate the entire cost, make provision of the money and also prepare each material needed before the construction to have the most beautiful, durable and useful end product. So if there is nothing missing in all the preparations done before hand, then the end product will be as best as possiable. In the building process, the best craftsmen will use the best material for each process, for instance as mentioned in the book, before constructing a wood ceiling a specific amount of timber must be ordered and that quantity should be estimated beforehand by assumingthat there will be a space as wide as a beam and a half of it. One more similar example, stone, the jambs of the doors and windows do not require pieces thicker than one fifth of the width of the opening nor less than one sixth. So, which material will the craftsmen use when constructing and the amount of it must be estimated and calculated beforehand to have a smooth process.

Andrea Palladio, “Dedication; Foreword to the First Book on Architecture,” The Four Books on Architecture, trans. Robert Tavernor and Richard Schofield, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002, 3, 5-6.