Month: August 2017

Experiencing the Site of Contsruction as an Intern

This summer I’ve done my intership in YDA Söğütözü Residence and Ofis. Time past quickly, I mean 6 weeks, and I didn’t realise how tiring it was till the last day. Working as an engeener and an architect is very hard in the site.

The past 6 weeks was not easy, but it was a great opportunity. I learned alot and I believe that it had benefits in my architectural education. Theoritical knowledge thought in lectures was more realistic after the site intern.


The VOID Mag’s Newest Post



Have you seen the newest post of The VOID Mag? Relationship in between Gothic Architecture and Literature, Edgar Allan Poe. To read Nuri Terzi’s article check the link:

Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic Architecture and Literature