Analysing a single house is not very simple as it seems and it takes time to understand the small details. So I mean it is a process and it will take time. In my previous post, I said that I was going to post the plans of my design, however let me start by explaining the spatial relations of spaces for the use of an individual inhabitant.

In Moriyama Apartments by SANAA, there are several blocks and each is for designed for a different purpose. Actually, the client can live in those blocks and once he get bored he can move to the other space, but also he can rent the blocks to other. Therefore, here, privacy gains a bigger important, and the architects provide privacy not by using enclosed spaces, on the contrary there are lots of big openings for to use sunlight in the maximum efficiency. However the openings are placed very neatly, so nobody will be interrupted by their neighbor. So, to understand the organisation of the openings, I analysed each floor plan individually and then superimposed them.


So in this condition, if two different blocks have openings which see each other, then to provide privacy, the floors also have to be in different level. Thus, because the distance in between those blocks are very small, nobody will feel like they are being watched. (Floor plan and the first plan are superimposed. The grey zone is being zoomed to provide better information of the defined condition.)

Need to state that, there is two conditions were the openings can face each other.

Analyese of the openings_1.jpg

If the two spaces are combined, then the openings can face each other to provide access.

Analyese of the openings_2.jpg

Here, the openings do not directly face each other, however they see other. Also, we must consider the distance between the blocks. Because they are far away from each other, no one will see the interior.

new doc 49

If there is openings on the facades which face each other, the opening should be looking directly to the interior. By shifting one opening, that shifted one will face the borders of the other spaces facade. Windows opposite is offset.

Other openings in the design which is not contrary  of the above are acceptable. An opening can look the street, an opening can see the garden, if only if, the opening is not interrupting other block’s interior.

In M House there are several openings, light wells, used as to provide daylight in the interior, and there are 3 light wells in M House. One is differentated with it’s scale. The big light well devides the two main space and on the other hand, it is used as conneting the two main spaces. In the image above, the colored parts of the plans and the sections show the relations a light well provides. So in my design, the light wells are going to differantiate each of the spaces which are going to be used by an individual. In my design, as it was in M House, the light wells are also used as servant spaces. It containes the staircase.

I’ll arrange my spaces refering to these conditions. My next post will contain the drawings and the model of the M House.


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