What If?

One other project I am still working on is What If? project. From research I’ve done on Glass House by Philip Johnson, the construction of the house finished in 1949 and the architect claims that it was an inspration of Mis van der Rohe’s Glass House. The house has an open floor plan. Glass, black steel pears and stock H-beams are used as material. Cylinder brick structure is the only space that do not expose to exterior space and the other parts of the house has a very strong connection with nature. There are one opening placed at the middle of each elevation. The floor is made of red brick and it is rased 10 inches from the ground. It is also ample of light because of transparent material. There is one main door-that means one main enterance-, however those centrally located doors create alternative accesses. The house is also isolated from the humans.


There is no walls for seperating rooms, however the bedroom is isolated from the living space by a bookshelf. The bookshelf becomes cabinets at the other side. Thus, even the house itself isn’t isolated from the nature, the bedroom is seperated to create a private area.


Other works of Johnson around the Glass House.


Azuma House by Tadoa Ando

So, the project was placing the Glass House on Azuma House’s site. To do this, we also need information of the Azuma House and how it was related with the surronding. Azuma House is designed by Tadoa Ando in 1976 and it is a small narrow concrete house. It has 2 floors and it is isolated from its surronding. The isolation is caused by the concrete closed box. There is no openings on the elevations. It has only one opening from the terrace for light source and one openning,  the door, for access to inner spaces. There is only one circulation and the last space we end up is the bedroom. So what I get from this senerio is the most private space is the bedroom. The lower floor contains the living spaces and the upper level is private in this sense. Because


If I was suppose to place Glass House to Azuma House’s site, I would have a 2 floored contrete house both with a garden and a terrace. The living room, kitchen and the toilet will be in the first floor and the bathroom and the bedroom will be on the second floor. So for me, I would like to have a privacy in my bedroom. Reasoning it to that, placing it on the second floor is more propar like it is seperated in Glass House. There will be one access, however to different circulations. Both circulation will end up in the bedroom, one will be a direct access and on the other circulation, one will have to pass all the way the first floor and climb the stairs and the terrace and eventually to the bedroom. There is also a garden at the end of the apartment refering to ANH House. There is also access of light from a big openning, one similar approach done in Azuma House. Refering to Glass House, the kitchen, livingroom and the studying room will share a common space.



My Design

Please check the link for more details of Promenade House.



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