Revision of the Collage


After few hours of discussion done in the studio, I had doubts about the product I had. I knew I miss understood few points, so I started re-thinking all the process. Rather than going back to the case studies, I firstly focused on the phrases. What was evoking when I hear “undecided”? What is being undecided? It’s like not being able to choice one or eliminate one from other. It’s like not being able to say YES neither NO. It’s not like GREY, not something in the middle; it was more like BLACK and WHITE. A CONTRAST.

How about “introverted corners”? I am still not sure about this phrase, but I do have some ideas. Looking through internet helped me to understand what a corner would be like if it was introverted. OK, I did look through the meaning from the dictionary and analyse the phrase by a parting it as intro-verted and tried to understand it that way, however I couldn’t visually imagine it. But after the search I’ve done through the web… Assume a rectangle or it doesn’t have to be a specific shape. Assume one shape’s corner, so if you apply force to that corner from the sharp edge, then that corner will be deformed and it will be bended toward the inner side of the shape. I hope I am clear about my thoughts of the phrase introverted corners. By this action, one would have more defined two spaces, two spaces with different perception. Because again, just imagine yourself being inside that shape, that 3 dimentional shape. In inner side and in the outer side, even the spaces share the same wall, because the form of the wall is different from either one side, the sense of the space will also differ. Therefore, I guess it is okey to suppose introveted corners as space perception.  


The last step was to somehow combine these two phrases. While I was analysing the case studies, also referring to the phases given, I tried to look for opposite spacial approaches done by the architects. For example both in Villa Savoye and in Wall House 2, the architect uses illusion in his design. In Villa Savoye, the house appears to be floating, because the forest at the background and the green painted lower level is dissolving and becoming a part of the forest. In Wall House 2, there is similar approach. There is again illusion, but this time it is against the nature. The grey wall which is a great vertical dominance in Wall House 2, is the creation of the moment-al illusion. So if you look to the house facing the east elevation, you won’t see the west elevation because of the dominant grey wall and because it is very dominant element, there is no camouflage between the natural sources and the man-made sources.

In Wall House 2, there are several masses. One who doesn’t know the project will see each mass as one flat; however after experiencing the inside, it is clear that each mass is responding to the need of different functions. However, in Villa Malaparte, because there is a single mass, one who is analysing the house from outside will have similar thought as he would towards his own 2 roomed house. Briefly, exterior spatial perception, there is a contrast in between the houses by using mass and function. In Wall House 2, there are several masses with different functions, however in Villa Malaparte,there is only one mass and all the need is provided with only one.

One more contrast I depicted in my college was in between Glass Shutter House and Atrium Evi. In Atrium Evi, Erkut Şahinbaş’s aim was to create a living environment within a large atrium formed inside a steep valley in Bodrum. The house is open to the nature. It is not interrupted with any other forces, unnatural forces. However in Glass Shutter House, even the shutters are providing some privacy, once you bring down the shutters all the way down one facade, you inhibit the relationship between the nature and the public. Therefore, the house becomes isolated from its surrounding and plus from the nature and the public. For both cases, the way you feel in the space is in its maximum level. So in Atrium Evi, one feel very free, while in Glass Shutter House, if the shutters are closed one will feel very claustrophobic.


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