So, after the relievo assignment we’ve done as a group work, this time we were assigned 9 house case studies to analyse and refer it to the given 2 phrases. I was going to do a college by using the case studies and the phrases. I like doing collages, but this time I struggled a lot. Before relating to my collage let me introduce you the case studies.

  • Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye / Poissy, France, 1929
  • Adalberto, Villa Malaparte / Naples, Italy, 1938
  • Richard Meier, Saltzman House / Long Island, 1969
  • Kazuyo Sejima, Ryue Nishizawa & Associates / SANAA, Moriyama Apartments / Japan, 2005
  • Erkut Şahinbaş, Atrium Evi, Muğla, 2014
  • Rem Koolhaas / OMA, Villa Dall’Ava / France, 1991
  • Shigeru Ban, Glass Shutter House / Japan, 2003
  • John Hejduk, Wall House 2 / Netherlands, 2001
  • Can Çinici, Microloft 1 Yarasa, İstanbul, 2013

The phrases I was assigned were: undecided and introverted corners.

I found Wall House 2 and Moriyama Apartments very interesting in terms of their functional design. because I’ve never ended up analysing houses such  these. The feature that makes these very extraordinary is every mass of block has different function. There is no spatial sharing. Let me make it more clear by giving example from the Microloft 1 Yarasa. In this case study of Can Çinici’s, the designer is enabling the owner the maximum living space in a very small complexes, complex with 50-100 metre square space. Therefor because the space is very small, but it has to contain one’s all need for making a living, the kitchen and the livingroom starts to share a common space. Partition walls start to lose its characteristics and importance.


Can Çinici, Microloft Yarasa


Moriyama Apartments


Wall House 2


As I said, I was inspired from the Wall House 2 and Moriyama Apartments too much before designing my college. But I beth I miss understood the aim of the collage diagraming. In the collage above, I tried to create a problem for my study to analyse it more. I assumed that what will be the situation if we had to combine two different functional spaces such as the bathroom and the livingroom or bathroom and the kitchen. I had introverted corners which actually not really introverted corners, they seem more like bended sticks. The undecided phrase is the parts of the two different functional space’s intersected part, parts where they share the space. Because it is not defined very clearly, I defined that phrase like this. So keep in touch for the revised version of the collage.


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