What if?

Imagine you had to place Glass House to Azuma’s House site? What would be the situation? 


The top view and the perfective of the Glass House

So, we finally started the second term of the second year with a fantastic brainstorming. You probably know Glass House by Philip Johnson which is an inspiration of Mis Van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House. It is in the middle of a forest which is also near a pond. The interaction with nature is in its top-level, besides the location, the properties are also maximizing the relations with the wild life. The facades of the house is covered with glass and, the roof and the architectural support is made of black steel pier. The base of the house is red brick. Even it is out of sight, away from the public, the privacy level can be a
rgued. Let me make it more clear for you, the house has no division wall, however the bed room and the other rooms are separated by a block which acts both as book shelf and cabinet one side and other. Even there is a border in between these spaces, the bedroom doesn’t have a clear definition for privacy. I questioned a lot the situation of the bedroom, while I was analysing the site. What ever you do in your bedroom can be viewed from the other side of the building. The house could be shared by two, so that might become a problem.

Relating to fast survey I’ve done before hands, the architect say that there is a great order in between the gallery, guest room and the library and the Glass House; however that perfectness starts to despair in the inner organization. Besides all, one benefit of the house is the natural light can be used very efficient throughout the day. Also, one can view the sunset and the daylight from the same location.

Azuma House’s architect is Tadao Ando. He has designed a modern architectural piece in Japan and the feature which makes the house a special one is because it is modern one not a traditional Japanesse house. It is concrete box by itself and it sands out by its own very succesfull. The concrete box has openings only from one side of the facade and from the roof. Even the biggest problem is the natural source of light, it is solved proparly and it is well-planned. The house is placed in a more public area where one starts to feel more in a folk. Because it is in the middle of the city, there is no green.


After analysing both houses, I started listing the problems I had to work out when I place Glass House to Azuma House’s site.

  • Naturel light source
  • Balance of privacy
  • Greens
  • Encloser level

Solving each problem at the same time is a big problem, so finding solutions to each individually will be benificial. My next blog post will be about the research I’ve done based on the problems and will also contain solution I tried to find.


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