Cooking Lessons

I guess I had the busiest weekend I have ever had, but I loved it. I participated on an event organised by Bilkent student’s Gastronomy Club. This weeks topic was about cooking meat and fish. I am very happy that I learned the tips and very important tricks of cooking this two different protein type. Cooking meat was more interesting for me, I don’t know why, it might be because cooking meat is easier than cooking fish, but what ever…

So, let me give brief information about cooking meat. Most think that the delicious part of a buffalo is the fillet steak, but the softest part isn’t the delicious one. The rib steak is the part on top of fillet steak which is the back of the animal and it contains the highest percentage of fat and nerves. The rib steak isn’t easy to chew; but because of the fat, people enjoy it more. The day I learned cooking tips, we used 200gr of rib steak. They also showed how the meat was cleaned from fats and nerves. Cutting the meat perpendicular to nerves is the first step to start with. This ease eating it after  it is cooked. Next tip was marinating it with all-olive oil. The chef said that the best pre-cooking was laying the meat to oil for at least 24 hours  with lots of salt and pepper, and herbs. Salt and olive oil is a necessity for good taste. Keep in mind. There are various options for last step: cooking. I like my meat to be cooked rear. I like the juice to stay in side the meat. I found that more delicious, thus I cooked my meat 40 seconds in each side. That means the heat inside the meat was average of 50 degree celsius. To inform you, 57 degree celcius is medium and over 70 degree celcius is well cooked meat.

If you like to check what else they do through the year, hear is the link of their instagram. Bilkent Gastronomy Club. This weekend I am going to learn baking pizza in Il Forno Pizza in Bilkent Station. Just wait for more. 🙂


ps.: Need to thank Elif Gamze Dedeler for the images.


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