Artist in Their Time

Me and a friend of mine, we are planning a weekend vacay to İstanbul and I was just looking to the exhibitions which are still available. There is this collection exhibition in İstanbul Modern, Artist in Their Time, which I think it is very interesting.

Istanbul Modern’s collection exhibition, “Artists in Their Time”, focuses on how artists position their work and themselves within the concept of time. It suggests a conceptual field for examining, and reconciling, the links between an artist’s time and societal, cultural, natural and universal time. It unites artists from very different periods, geographies and disciplines around common themes.

“Artists in Their Time” highlights how artists experience their own times, feel anxious and frustrated that time emerges from the past and flows into the future, and form bonds between their own internal time and that of others. The exhibition also presents a base for discussing the place of art in transience and change and the transformation of art. Through which times does a work of art pass to become part of the present, of the moment we are now observing? What is the meaning of the temporal relationship that works of art establish with one another? What conditions do works of art resist, or what conditions are they absorbed into, in order to maintain their relevance in the future?


Just to have more clear understanding about the exhibition, I will recommend you watching the short video. Dip not: I know that architectural design is a long process where the designer has to give very critical decisions about the project, and the way the exhibition came together has very similar appraoches.Have fun 🙂 Indeed, you can watch the video from the link below.

Artists in Their Time


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