The Cat in The Hat by Dr.Seuss


            Once upon a time, there was two kids left along in a house on a rainy day. They got very bored, but they were also cautioned by their mother not to be naughty children. This is how The Cat in The Hat started. Briefly, the author is Theodor Seuss Geisel. He proceeded on to Oxford University with the intent of acquiring a doctorate in literature and worked as a writer in several magazines. The Cat in The Hat is an inspiration of the article published by Life magazine. In the article, they defend that kids didn’t like reading books, because their books were very boring.  This statement urged him to start writing the book. Even some don’t suggest to read the book to children,  The Cat in The Hat is written specifically for kids between the age of 6-9, and the given massages are very important.

            Later on the story, after a while when mom lives the house, the door knocks and a cat, as big as a human with red and white striped hat, appears. He enters the house without taking the permission of the kids and he says that, he has very interesting tricks to show them. If we analyse this part deeper, a cat which is somehow representing a human because of its scale, is a very good for modeling a stranger who knocks the door. Even the idea of a stranger is scary for some of us, learning not to open the door to people we do not know is more important. More clearly, further in the story, the results of opening the door and letting the cat get inside is supporting this idea, because the cat is making a big mess in the house. One of his trick is to balance on top of a big ball while carrying a book, an umbrella, a bowl of milk, a cake and the orange fish. Suddenly, the cat bumbs on something and the drops everything he was holding. He makes a big mess and this is a trouble for the kids. Besides all the other objects, that orange fish is making me enough nervous to take lesson from the story. Fish is a living creature and the possibility of killing it makes me feel bad.

            One other lesson I would took if I was a young kid is to learn when to say NO. If the kids said no to the cat in the first place, none would happen. At the end of the story, even they don’t feel sorry towards their mother because the cat tidies up the home, what has happened throughout the story wouldn’t happen. Therefore sometimes, we should be aware of when to say no. The two kids are very nice and pure, they are well educated by their family. So one other point I need to add that saying no won’t make you look as a bad person. These two kids are representing being good, however even if they said no, we wouldn’t have bad thoughts about them. Then, we shouldn’t feel disappointed when we have to reject someone or something.

            Being left home along might terrify some of us, and the results of being home along in the story might sound terrible, but it is important to be able to take responsibilities. The story, The Cat in The Hat is the best way to learn how beneficial it will be to experiment this situation. When you are left by yourself, you are the only one who will again entertain yourself. So, because the weather was bad, the kids were staying inside; but this doesn’t mean that they will be unhappy because they weren’t riding their bikes. The house is theirs and I bet you they have lots of toys to play with, even they have a book to read. I mean the book which the cat was holding while he was on top of the ball. I said responsibilities, preparing their food is one other responsibility they can take. Maybe they won’t use the oven, but they can use the microwave, because it doesn’t have a big risk of giving harm both to the kids and the home. While they are left alone, they also can do their homework, maybe they might need the help of their parents; but struggling a bit and trying to do their best won’t give any harm. Actually, it is the best way of learning.

            One other reason that supports why we should read the book is that, it depicts how to make acquainted with someone you see the first time. As I said in the previous paragraphs, the Cat had tricks and one other trick which ended up with a disaster was the box trick. After falling down from the ball, he brought a big red box. There was something interesting inside it actually. Once the Cat opened the box, two little creator came out. They were named as Thing 1 and Thing 2. So, the kids were very surprised when they saw them and didn’t know what to do. Eventually, the Things wanted to shake hands and they introduced themselves. Relating to the story, the habit of these creatures are a very good example for kids. Also this situation is illustrated. Even the things behaved properly, once they were free, they started flying a kite inside the house. The kite hit to the vase and then the vase was broken because it fell on the floor. Then the same kite hit to the mom’s new dress and then the dress got hooked. All these are bad representation, so this part of the story is showing the kids what they shouldn’t do at home and if they behave naughty, what the results will be.

            At the end of the story, the Cat cleans the mess he has done with the Things. Even throughout the story, he sets bad examples to the kids, what he does before the kids’ mom come is a distillated behavior. So, what we should get from this part of the story is that if something we do for the benefit of a person results in a bad situation, we should find a way to apologize.

            To sum up, even there are unappropriated parts were children can be influenced badly, the story contains good examples which I found it more important.  Actually, we can take lessons from the improper parts. Rather than focusing on the harmful conditions, we should figure a way to explain these to the kids. Because we cannot ignore the reality. The real world contains both the good side and the bad side. If we keep reading and understanding the reasons behind all these, we would enjoy the time we spent with our kids and we would learn more from the stories and experiment the reality by reading.


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