Last Pre Jury Before The Final Game

So, last Friday I had my last pre jury of the term, and during the jury I didn’t feel very good, but the result was fine I guess. 🙂 I again have to thank all my jury members and also my jury body Ezgi Samancı. I had very helpful critics about my design and my friend has documented them very neatly.

For this jury, I was working on small details, and actually I am struggling to much. I was  trying to differentiate the bodily experiences. What I mean is, now places where people will sit, where they will walk and where will just stand and view the vista gained importance. Also I before the jury, reconsidered the sizes of the spaces.

During the jury, I mainly had critics about my organization of inside of the spaces. I am now still working on the overall design and trying to integrate them. I didn’t have any big problem about my drawings. December 27 is the date of our final jury. Just keep in touch for more updates. 😀 Will post the images of my spaces.


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