Hey there! I’ve been very busy these day, so sorry for not updating you on time. We are now placing spaces on Salt Lake, by using the help of the spatial experiences we’ve gathered from Kapadokya. I found it very interesting, because we finally gave start producing realistic structures. I aim to empower directionality towards horizon while enriching the different vistas which is caused by the difference in day time.

I struggled while I was deciding the location I wanted to work with, but I guess I have strong supports for that landscape I choose. I used different  scaled maps, because each was providing me different information and, also sometimes it was easier to work with bigger scales.


I wanted to start locating my spaces from the hill above, because this strategy is enpowering the directionality towards horizan. I want you to just imagen that youare standing on that hill. Won’t you feel different? Won’t you want to go further more you can ever walk? I wanted to use that different experience in my design.

Just keep in touch for more. Jury is on its way! 🙂


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