Poetically Man Dwells

Today I’m going to inform you about a part of the book I read this week. The book is “Poetry, Language, Thought” by Martin Heidegger and I read “…Poetically Man Dwells”. But first let me introduce Martin Heidegger. He was a well-known and very smart and genuis phylosopher, indeed in Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy it is stated as “Martin Heidegger is widely acknowledged to be one of the most original and important philosophers of the 20th century, while remaining one of the most controversial.” He was born on 1889 in Germany to a Catolic family. Because his dad was a sexton in a local church, he also was forced to be a priesthood. While he was going to the church, they supported him with schoolarship. This financial support was the reason of the birth of his interests towards pholosiphy.

In the reading, Heidegger started by explaining the meaning of dwelling. He was trying to define it in his thoughts while supporting it with the real meaning. He also was  questioning ” how man was dwelling poetically? Does not all dwelling remain incompatible with the poetic? He was trying to tell that dwelling was not only about building structures but also it contained aesthetic, poet. Because there was something missing in dwelling and poet, even it only has connection with reality and literature, somehow it was becoming a hole with it. 

Besides the difficult language and thema, I enjoyed this mazed reading. I had to focus a lot and I had to give effort to understand it. I beth after I graduate from university, I would read it once more and I would gain a newer perspective. 🙂


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