Study of the conceptual architectural elements

Basicly, in an abstract manner, if we have to specify the architectural elements, defined area of ground, platform or raised area, lowered area or pit, marker, barrier, roof or canopy, supporting posts or columns, path and opening can be given as examples. Today, in my design I had an aim to connect spaces which was comprised  two different ways. I also made use of the catalog I had from my previous studies.


Space which examplifies openings for different purposes.



In the design there were opening for different approaches. In the image above, we can observe an opening on the horizontal element (which I will express it as the floor) and one more cut through the vertical element ( which I want to define it as the window). The opening on the horizontal element works as a visual interconnection with the ground floor and, the opening made through the vertical elements help humans to view the vista and have a look through different perspectives. By walking from left to the right of the opening, you can first make observation from your eye level, after a point you can observe a wider vista which includes the view over your eye site and below your eye site.Thus, these situations altar according to the level of the cuts.



Balcony is an other element studied in my design. On the horizontal element which has an opening to make connection with downstairs, there is the balkonish condition.So there is a distinct differentiation between the inner space and the outer space created by the help of the vertical element and, the transition space acts like a balkony- balkonish. Also the outer space can refer to the other spaces which is created by level differences, so the outer space can also be express with the balkonish term.


Opening works as: Visual connection with down stairs and the space next to it.


Obsticals which interupt the visuality.

There is also two horizontal elements which cover two spaces and, those elements are placed in different levels, so we can experience how encloser can affect space perception and how it can be balanced. There is also one space which contains an element which is used to cover some parts from the top and let some parts to have connection with the sky(L shaped plane).


One other balkonish, used both for connection with upstairs, viewing vista from the lengthwise opening and visual interconnection with the other spaces.

There is also a corridor in the image above. The narrow corridor is the reason of encloser change and perception of spaces. There is wider corridors in my design to compare the situations.


A transition between two spaces in same level and, that same opening also acts as visual connection.



Opening which was used both as connection of human motion and visuality.


There is a level difference to create subspace.

There is also a condition of continues elements where the roof becomes a wall( the image above).

Pls.: Scrole your mouse on top of the images to get more information about the images and, click the link below to see my previous desing.


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