Analyses of Kapadokya

After we stoped at Salt Lake, we went to two different locations at Nevşehir: Uçhisar Municipality and Zerve Archeological site. Before moving on to the fourther steps of my design I wanted to share the documanetion I’ve done there too. There is a small deference compared with Salt Lake, we focused more on analysing each space individually, but also consered the relations between them.



The spaces were formed in two different ways: Fragmentation and individual blocking. I called it individual blocking, because they each had their own distinct features and seemed to be working individually, however they also had some ways of connection like visual connection.

The site was very big. I wish I had more time to walk around and take picture, because I beth you I would end up with more interesting situations.  

There were different sized, shaped and leveled openings on the walls. Actually, we don’t know why they were carved like that though they were anabling us to acsess different informations. Some openings were eye leved, some were above our sight and some were over our eye level. Some were circle, some were square and rectangule. There were also openings not only on the horizantol elements, but also on the vertical elements. Those people who lived there once should have strong base to support the reason of opening a frame there, however without considering the function, it provide us a great visual aspect. The openings were also balancing the encloser. All this isn’t the only data I have. Also the openings, in some points, were working as obsticles. They were blocking your view or making difficult to observe inside the room from outside. The clearness was changing in contrast according to the obsticles height from the top.


Level difference between the horizontal elements were providing us different conditions. Some were creating subspaces, some were for transition inbeetween spaces, as it is seen in the image above.

Some opening were providing us acsess inbetween to rooms or seperate spaces, and were also working as an enterence from outside.


Some openings were used both as enterence, and visual connection and also giving the affect of corridorish condition.

There were also columns used both for creating subspaces and tarnsition between two spaces.

There was a smooth transition between the nature and man-made when compared with Salt Lake.


I also wnat to add my catalog which contained more information about the site.


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