Snick peak

We’ve been studying the relations between bodily experiences and visual experences from way back and, analyse Salt Lake and Ürgüp relating to such experiences. Today, in the studio hours, we expressed possible strategies referring to the data we had from the field trip. There were some points I wanted to empower more and, also there were some relations not rich enough, thus I wanted to enrich them.

Click the link below for more about this post and make sure to check the blog till Sunday. I’ll be giving more about the previous steps of the project, maybe the best part. 😀 See you then. 🙂

The section drawing on the top is expressing possible directions, but it aims to increase the orientation. The section drawing under the page is to show that natural obstacles can inhibit human bodily experiences. To solve this problem, horizontal elements placed on top of the land, without disturbing the land and intrupting visual relations. (image on the left)

The drawing at the upper side of the paper is expressing the transition of man-made and nature. There must be a smooth transition, thus the engagement of the to sides of the structural part will be in balance. The drawing in the middle is for time perception. The last one is riches the directionality toward the horizon. Here, there is a similar approach as the other one, but has a different aim. (image on the right)


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