I’ve started reading a book called: A Romance of Many Dimensions writen by Edwin A. Abbott. Because it has been few days, I couldn’t go over the book a lot, but I would like to tell what I think about the part I read.

Even I didn’t have a general idea of the topic, I tried to relate the imagination of the author with reality. Flatland is a world which is made of different shapes. Non have second dimension, that means there is no term as hight or thickness. Everything on that planet can be discreabed as drawings on a plane sheet and each shape is a variation of an other one( relating to the penny example).

By looking through the history of architecture, it is obvious that the term of a home hasn’t changed since then, but the used material and the technics altered. Relating to the book, there are lots of different shaped houses and each has a small difference individually, like some have rectangular window and some don’t or some have architectural elements with different shapes. So, I can say that how we have lots of different designs today have parallel relation with how there was a vast variation of houses in the book. Add to this, improvement in human skills and human mind is so clear in the book as it is in our world. The shapes, also the representation of people from different societies, goes through a change when jumping to the next generation. For instance, if I am a square father, my son will be the shape of a pentagon which has equal 5 sides with equal angles.

I hope I’m not mistaken about the critics I’ve made. Even the language used is a bit hard to understand and the structure is a bit confusing, I like the book. So, thumbs up. 🙂


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