Summary of the final jury

Wooaww. Finishing the first year of architectural education. Time passes very quick. It already has been a week since the final jury. I didn’t post any thing about my final jury, so let me sum it up here.

The S+F project had several step as usual. We were working with spaces which was called the SEED and then we were introduced to a field, and last of all we were suppose to inject the seed into the field, and having a strategy was the must.

Let me tell you my injection strategy. I placed my seed at the very edge of the fields. The reason for that was my field at that specific location had the least dense information. Then I had to consider the growth and my growth strategy was creating a space by using help of the other parts of the seed. While I was introducing a new space I changed the height of the seeds.  I also used the hinge technic, that helped me to jump from the top to the lowest level.

What I can advise you is, you must be very careful of the choice of the terminology. I messed a bit!! 😀 I have a long summer vacation and I do have plans, just keep in touch with me. 🙂


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