Comparing today and the prejury

Till the last pre-jury I struggled a lot working with spaces, spaces that has been defined very well. Really, I am not joking. I didn’t had spaces and the worst part was I thought I was able to define spaces, maybe not perfect but simple and easy ones. The last pre-jury was the moment I stop and think a bit what was going wrong. We also talked the problem out with my teachers and thanks to them I started working on encloser of the spaces. After few trials, I say few but it seemed like it was never gonna end, I finally achieve that sense. That charming special sense, God!?? 😀 From then on I felt more comfortable and secure in trying new relations; and I guess I am doing better than I have done. Last friday I started working more one my strategy, and I got some critics. We ended up focusing on some stuff that I didn’t consider before.

new doc 15_1

The image above explains most of the strategy I am going to apply to my model. There are 4 quick drawings, I will start by explaining them to you guys. Top left corner is the top view of one side of my field. The model will be consistent of seed but will have elevation difference. The darkened part (the L shaped) will be higher then the small white rectangular part and the height change will help to define a void. Yeap, this was my strategy, but we still have to talk about some more issues. How the height will change and which elements were gonna help to change the height?? I have 3 elements which will make the jump from the highest level to the average level. I will make use of the hinge method to make it more noticeable. The images above explain that change. The one on the left is the top view and the on the right is the side view of the model. The one on the right corner also explains the strategy of the other side of the seed. To be more clear, it will have a smooth change in the height. Most will look like it is stable.

The images belove are not taken in the white box. I took picture of them home and since this is a working model I have to apologize for the mess.




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