First field trip in Ankara

I’m new to Ankara and this trip was soo enjoyable. And also I wanted to take photos of old settlements in Ankara, and because of this reason the trip was a good opportunity. I had this very complicated assignment and we had to think a lot on it. There were some specific zones and we were gonna analys them in terms of there spatial manners and afterwards we were gonna reflect them by using digital documentation.

The two images above belong to the observation of Sakarya. Contunity of visibility is based on the organization of that defined zone and how clear you can see the rest. Because if you analys it deeply, more then one half of the town is full with apartments and the left is all greens. If we analys the organization of the trees, we can see that there is no organization behnd it and this makes it difficult to define the paths in the forest. On top of that if we analys the apartments, we can say that some parts have more directionality when compared with the rest and having more directionality means being able to view more zones. The second map, scale of voids, is based on the sizes between two or more buildings.

Visibility  is based on how clear you can see other zones from the current location. If you are able to view more zones, then that location has lower transparency in the map. Last but not least movement of the sound stands for noise. There were some spots where you were able to hear all the noise around you, and there were spaces where you were able to hear noise from far away.


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