Along the winter vacation, I realised that I was missing making models with cardboard. So, the following assigment of the basic design class made me get excited. Actually, the name of the project was interesting as usual: Seed. Also, the aim of the project was something new to me: expressing the spatial qualities in 3D world. We were going to refer to our diagrams and by using the selected key words, we were going to express our ideas. In the previous post, I mentioned my keyword and the one I selected is density: Density of fragmented spaces. I started by working with same sized planes and I realised that not changing the plane size was going to become a pain for me when I was studying the extreme conditions of my seed. So after the first trail I had critics about using different sized planes.

Changing the plane sizes helped me to define specific spaces more clearly.

The purpose of the next assignment was to have more clear understanding of the selected keywords. I struggled alot when I was studying the spare fragmented spaces. I really don’t know why, but I did have to work more on it. In both of the models, there are common spaces which is shared by two spaces or there are opennings which is shared by more then two opennings.


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