Villa Shodan Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier is still held in high esteem by the architecture world and he has designed fabulous structures. Villa Shodan is one of them. This is a private residance in India. According to the Fondation Le Corbusier;

This villa has a story: The commission was given to Le Corbusier in 1951 for the residence of a Mr. Hutheesing, Sec­retary of the Millowners, with a set of requirements primarily personal, complicated and subtle. Just when the construction plans were completed Mr. Hutheesing there upon sold them to Mr. Shodhan, who owned another plot and desired to start construction immediately. As luck would have it, Le Corbusier’s Indian projects are always dictated a priori by the Indians. The transfer of this house to a new plot was therefore a perfectly natural event.

So, this term I learned what section drawing is and it has no difference than ortographic drawing. Rather than drawing the objects in one piece, it provides architectures to analys the relation deepier and a clear understanding of the ideas by slicing it into several pieces. The model was prepared beforehand with the cardboard and cut planes were marked by our lecturers.



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