Coffee work-shop: Koalo Coffee Shop


My addiction towards coffee isn’t something new and it is like a family tradition. I am not the only person who loves it, so drinking it becomes more enjoyable. Coffee has a long history and like as Turkey, almost in every country, locals have traditional ways of cooking it. Also, there is a big variety of coffee beans and people choose the coffee beans according to their delight. I like bitter coffee and I prefer not using milk, but actually it depends a bit on my mood. Since I came to Ankara, I was looking for small coffee shops and my friends recommended some. I was planning to visit with my friends. Yes, but I was also waiting the weather to become warmer. Lucky me, this week was fantastic. Spring has arrived a bit earlier this year I guess and I hope it will be warm till Summer. Anyway, I went to this wonderful coffee shop and I liked it a lot. They use different methods to brew coffee and I asked if they can show me how to brew coffee with different ways. The owners, I am not sure though but I guess they are the owners of the coffee shop, are very knowledgeable about coffee and like sharing it with their costumers. That day I tried chemiks. Everything is important when making coffee: the amount of coffee, the temperature of the boiling water, the time which has past while brewing coffee and also the weight of total. They measure everything by grams and they track the time too. Wetting the filter is the first step.The water should be at a temperature were it is about to boil. Before adding water, filter will be filled with an amount of coffee and then the top shouldn’t have any bumps, so applying a bit of pressure will work. Every step after this point is much more important. You should add water by time. The first reason for adding a small amount is because the gas in the coffee will come out and the acidity level of the coffee will decrease.There will be boubles on top of the coffee. Afterwards, it is okey to add the rest of the water by dividing it to two or more stages depending on the amount of the water. But  also don’t forget to focus on time and the weight of the total. In addition to all, I liked the shop a lot and I’ve visited the following three days. I recomend you to drink Chai tea latte. The taste is amazing. Woww! Most of the food is home made and the small shop is surrounded with very cute people. They have two cats. Bambam is more calm, but Çakıl?! We were trying to pet her but she suddenly scratched my friends. I realised that I didn’t tell the name of the coffee: Koalo Coffee Shop. It is in Tunalı, very close to Elizinn. You should definitaly go and taste the coffees.  The people are very welcoming too. Have a great night! 🙂


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