The feeling of amaze

Studying architecture? I am very happy because of my choice and I’m now more aware that I wouldn’t be more peaceful in a different department. For sure, it gets tough; but the feeling of being happy is more important than anything. Also another great news is being one of the members of the Blog of the Month-BOM. I like blogging, I’m not sure if there is any term like “blogging” though. If not, I just made it up. 😀 It’s just my opinion, but I believe that it is important for architect to record their exprience of life. Architecture shouldn’t be just about buildings. It is like a culture and I believe that a succesful architect should try to have an interest to everything, not only projects.  Anyway, I was just looking through some portfolios to be inspired, because I am new to this kind of documentation and checking different portfolios will help us to compose new ideas. I also posted a portfolio to my other blog – tumblr-. While I was analysing the portfolio I’ve realised that the technics which was used in it, are the methods I have learned. That moment! I was like “Yeayy, happy me!”. I was very happy, because I was able to analys things I already know. You could check the posted portfolio if you would like.



  1. I could not pass this post without leaving a comment. I really appreciate your thoughts and it is remarkable that you have full with energy and desire which is going to encourage you a lot as a future architect. I want to thank you for sharing your feelings so that I also recognized why I like this department and refilled with motivation. 🙂

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