Here we go again

Hello from the studio! Yes, my school started and it has been two weeks. I feel that this term is gonna be more enjoyable and the first assignment we’ve finished was amazing! The big difference this term when we compare it with the previous one, I had a team to work with.

Let me just introduce you to the project. We were going to choose a moment from the film: Truman Show.  Yes, I know it’s very old one, but it’s different than the one we are familiar today. At first,  it was hard to decide to catch a scene and add to this, analysing the spatial conditions was the part I struggled a lot. What is meant by analysing the spatial conditions is something I still cannot define clearly, but I could give examples: focusing caused by lightning, repetition of certain objects, movement ( not a very strong relation though), density of layer and light… I choose the part where an object falls from the sky new doc 10_1and catches the attention of Truman. The movement of the falling object creates a mid point and an invisible tunnel. Because there are several villas placed among the street, the space which has been analysed has fragments. I don’t want to say this repetation of the villas, because it looks more like openings to new blocks. And since the road was empty I wanted to describe the moment as density of fragments. Therefore the keywords I worked with are density of fragments and centralisation. After discussing a bit more and thinking on it, I decided to make it simpler. I’ll post my new diagram next time.

After the production of the diagrams, next step was combining the other diagrams and creating a collage. Of course it had a logic behind it. Beforehand, we choose the common key words: Centralizaiton.


The diagrams above are the trails we produced with my gruop friends.


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