Digging up deeper.

Todays post is going to be more about the diagram we have produced and as you probably noticed, I did’t post the exact one we have submitted in the perivious post. Before starting, I want to introduce you to my group friends: Ecem Olgun and  Cansu Nur Ürek. You could also check there blog too. They are very awesome by the way!

We started by choosing the common keywords to organize our ideas and Centralization was the best thanks to Ecem’s and Cansu’s crativity. Since making collage is a desing proces, we tried very different desings. I didn’t have them all, but my friends will post them. You could check their posts about the collage desing. As it is very clear from the Collage, you can observe a mid point with a circular broken grid. Indeed, you can sense something kind of circular movement.

Just to give some information about our next project, I’m planning to add some details to my diagram, kind of revising it. Because it is hard to express my ideas in a model with the key words I have choosen.


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