Jury rush

IMG_6083Hey there! In two weeks I will be submitting my final project of this term, and eventually the first stage of my architectural education will be complicated.

My final model, jury model, will be following of one of the previous models. It was up to us to pick the model which we would like to prefer working with. I wasn’t that lucky this time, because my first choice was a big mistake. I thought choosing a simple model would provide me to work with relations easier, however studying newer relationships weren’t possible.

So, I choose another model which was rich with relations. Okey, this was hard. Because I realised that while I was producing that model I have choosen, I wasn’t probably aware of most of the relations in the model. This time while I was analysing it, I have done some sketches. This helped me to  work also  with the variations, cause there is numerous amount of them and it might be difficult to see them.

The image is for showing the relation, but I will also post the sketches tomorrow with quick impression sketches, and I will explain the relations I am gonna work with. Also need to add that, I didn’t change my design idea. I’m gonna create a balance by more complex middle with simpler outer surface.

This is where I’m so far and I’ll post very often. Keep checking for new updates. Good night readers!


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