It’s been a while.

Ass.02.5Hey guys! It has been a while since I have posted my last writing. Finally, I got my Pre-jury model and took some pictures. The Pre-jury project I worked on for two weeks was the following of the project I have posted before. Gonna put the links, if you like to analys the previous stages.

Working with heirarchy – 2nd and the 3rd stages

Co Mo Ro – based on the general of the project

Three different perfectives of the model which was produced for the Pre-jury

So, this time we were gonna also work with one more desing operation which we were introducted to: tear and fold. I had lots of difficulties this time, because I wasn’t able to control this operation. It took a long time for me to get use to it and this was the first time I didn’t sleep all night. I was trying to discover new relations by working through the potentials. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use defined tear and fold relations and this was one of the points which had a critic in the jury. Some of the relations which was appeared by that operation was more obvious and some weren’t  that clear.

I was trying to have a more complex middle and simpler exterior. This was my desing idea and it worked well. Although, I could have used more units and make my desing idea more clear. But, I thought that the number which was writen on the assignment paper was the limitation. However, it was not.

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