Working with hierarchy


A week ago I posted the steps of a project I was working on ( CO•MO•RO), but because I was out-of-town I couldn’t share pictures. This two model refer to the first two steps. The model at the right is more complex when compared with the one left. I was trying to control the relations in both, but the reason why the model at the right is more complex is that there were two types of initial unit to work with and one variation of each individual unit and variation was created by changing one element’s size and also the operations I used while I was placing them created complexity. It’s so ackward because the diagram I used, which shows the physical relations, is not complex. It is very simple and clear.

OK, so my aim by changing the element size was to create hierarchy and by keeping the number of those units low, the hierarchy condition got even stronger. 

The next model I will post will have connections with these two, because I am gonna use the aim of this project to create the new diagram of that new model.

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