Tasselling and layering

Good morning! For a long time I was planning to post the handicraft poster I was working on, finally I had an opportunity to scan it. Unfortunately, this was the hardest posters I’ve made, cause working without a plan, what I’ve done at my first trial, wasn’t a smart move. I got confused and I created a BIG mess. This is not something I would advise. Rather than working randomly, make a plan. Plan what you’ll do and take measurements. Also, considering the material you are using is important, because some glues don’t work for every type of paper. This was the best project I enjoyed while I was producing it. Yeah, it took time, but it is worth it. There was an other project which I was working on while doing this poster. I used the same image, however the only difference was I was using a Photoshop program and making use of the transparancy.Without any doubt, transparency helped me a lot to create new stuff. If you ask me which one is the best, they both have goodies. The first poster, because the first process was cutting strips, provides you to play with every element, but unfortunately making mistakes are inhibitable and sometimes you may have to cut even more strips. But working with a program avoids such problems above. Because if you don’t like what you have done, with only one click of your mouse, you could go back one step or even more. So, it doesn’t have that much risk of destroying all of your effort.

Have a great day!

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