Analysing Architecture • Space and Structure

In architecture, space and structure work together and they cannot be taken apart, because they both have some kind of interconnection with each other.

According to the text I’ve read, the relation of both, has been categorised into three groups. One is where structures create spaces, the other is structure is formed by space. Last but not least, they both can be mixed and have equal influence on each other.

So, I found it very correct even sometimes I got confused. The reason for why I was satisfied very strong is because once analysing the examples given, somehow agreeing with the author is inhibited. But before being sure, I have to look for more examples. Than I will totally be with the same thoughts as the writer.

There was this example which I found very it magnificent. The plan of thersilon in Megalopolis, does not strictly say so but, the structure is the element which creates the space. The way colons are placed is the point I was amazed. Because it has a mathematical explanation which makes the space-structure relation even more strong. And also want to add, like the telestrion of the Eleusis and the Egyptian temples they are all built for a purpose.

Rather from the examples given, also referring all the basic idea to our daily life is acceptable. My modal is an example for inside-out condition. Because I start by working from very centre, and I surround it with new units.


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