Regulating lines

Le Corbusier
Toward an Architecture

In earlier ages, before starting to construct a structure, making a plan was a necessity. Today, planning didn’t lose it’s importance. As it is pointed out in the text to have solidity and utility, making a plan referring to some measurements is important.

Measurement isn’t only essential in architecture, but also we can observe it in our daily life. Suppose that you are a carpenter and you are gonna design a table. So, for mass production you have to have the scale.

By a plan and by taking measurements, creating an organization is inevitable. No matter how you measure a distance, you’ll clearly see an alignment, therefore alignment can result in repetation of some units. I can give an example from myself for all above. First times while I was making a modal for my Arch101 course, I was always connecting two planes from the middles. I thought that this situation was free from risk, because I was feeling safe and there was a hierarchy, every element was parallel to the other. The way they were positioned was creating a pattern. And all of these creating beauty and I was greatly pleased by what I have designed.

By analysing Le Corbusier’s works, it’s obvious that he was also using lines to create safety and beauty at the sametime. Le Corbusier was the only architect who was making his plans based on circles, axes and squares. He was very sorry for the situation he was in but he was expecting that his own thoughts will influence the design principles.


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