Hey guys! Sorry for no up-dates, though I was planning to post this project at the final stage. However things didn’t work as I was expecting it. So, I decided to give some information about the steps I’ve came so far.

Actually, I was not satisfied with my model  because I was a bit confused and didn’t get some points, such as what outcome was or how I would avoid outcome, what was meant by strategy and diagram. So until the final stage, I guess we are at that point, I kept revising my models. What a poor me. But re-doing it several times ease my job. Working with different types of operations, planing a diagram and having a strategy was the aim of this project. At the first stage we were given one element and by using the operations (copying, moving and rotating) we were gonna construct a 3D model. This was like a warm-up. The second stage was based on creation of different relations. At the 3rd stage we were gonna work with units. From stage 1 to 3, in every stage there were restrictions which make some difficulties. But the important thing here is to handle all the problems and be able to control them. The fourth and the fifth stages are the best ones, cause they have lots of restrictions but it was still enjoyable.

At the fourth stage, creating variations of the units and working with the same diagram of 3rd stage were necessities. The new unit created new potentials to work with.
And at the fifth stage one more new operation was introduced to work with: tear and fold.
Because I’m out of town, I couldn’t take photos but as soon as I come back I’ll up-date it. Also, need to say that I’ll have my first pre-jury at the 6th of November.

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