Mass and surface

Three Reminder to Architects Le Corbusier
According to text Le Corbusier’s thought about the way architecture expresses itself is based on two elements: mass and surface. Therefor, they two work together somehow and cause a plan to occur.
All the steps written above is not accessible for whom do not have any imagination.

Here, also he states his adoration to engineers. Engineer do what architects cannot.


There are some primary shapes, such as cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids. They come together and form a structure which  has very distinct parts. This is why these structures are defined as beautiful. Some examples which makes use of the primary shapes: the Temple of Luxor, the Panthenon, the Coliseum… ( mostly Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture)

Let’s analys Gothic architecture. This style doesn’t make us of primary shapes, rather than that Gothic style combines more complex shapes which are not symmetrical. This is the reason why the cathedrals do not excite us.

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