Our guest Esatcan Coşkun


Today, Esatcan Coşkun was our guest and we had a really enjoyable discussion hour. He talked about architectural photography techniques and he gave us very useful information about taking photos. I have an interest towards to photography, so this was a big opportunity for me and it was nice to listen him.

To become succesful in this field, we should acquire all the skills and important points of it and whether you are having classes or trying to learn it by an experience, you should know that doing your best might not be enough. You might have to push your limits. It will take your time first, but after practicing maybe weeks or maybe years you’ll find out what works for you the best. And taking architectural photos might be a hobby for you, but some do it to earn their life.

So,  before starting this life long journey, we should acquire knowledge about what we are doing, how we should study architectural structures, in what conditions we should take photos to have the best composition.

Esatcan Coşkun said that there is four important thing that we should consider while taking photos:

  1. Framing
  2. Light
  3. Figures
  4. Equipment.

Framing is all about the composition of the photo. We should be careful at our choices while creating the background, because sometimes our choices might result in lost of the idea of the composition. Light is also important. Lighting effects depend on to the weather or what time of the day you are: sunny weathers, rainy weathers, cloudy weathers, mornings, sunsets, afternoons… It also depends to the colour of the light and to the intensity and also to the direction.  We should consider all the above according to the surface we are studying. I think figures in a photograph is the most important factor of the composition, because taking photo isn’t only doing an art, but also it is the reflection of structures of the society. Suppose that you are taking shots of your living room and you have to conditions: your livingroom is empty and you are spending your time with your family. In the first conditions there is nothing else to consider rather than the massage which is given by the photographer but in the second condition we see a life style. And last but not least, having knowledge about the equipment you are using is a necessity. There are lost of different techniques and lost of tools which are used for different purposes. These all will provide you a better composition.

From now on I’m going to try using my digital camera most of the time, rather than the camera I have on my mobile phone. Yes, we could take well composed shots by our phones, but the digital cameras provides us lots more.

Esatcan Coşkun also showed us his photos to make the discussion more clear and talked about his thesis a bit. I would like to thank him for this lovely day and also I would like to thank my lecturers for providing us this opportunity.

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