Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, who is also known as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, is a worldwide known architect. He had a big talent towards architecture, not only to one of the branches of art, but also he was good at painting, urban planning, writing and designing. This architectural talent of his helped the 19th century architecture to shape very quickly.

I started buying Istanbul Art News just few months ago and in the June/July 2015 circulation, there was a one full paged long text about Le Corbusier, so I was a bit familiar to him and I was inspired of his projects and his fame to Istanbul surprised me a lot, not only to Istanbul but also he had fame to Atatürk and Mimar Sinan.

Le Corbusier is an architect who doesn’t have any fears while expressing his own thought about being a modernist architect rather than a traditional one and while analysing his book “Toward an Architecture”, his this personality could be seen easily . He was a very open-minded person and wasn’t scared from being judged by others. He was reflecting his own ideas in this books and just because he used very pure and understandable language, any one who has an interest toward architecture could read it.

His big educational journey probably was one of the purpose for writing this book. Because having a good architectural education by successful lecturers and travelling worldwide will easer to have wider perspective about architecture and in the last part of the book – Pure Creation of the Mind- there is also images refer to Parthenon. The drawings belong to him and he has done those at his visit to Roma.

If we consider the publication date, this book was established after World War 2, while the Industrial Revolution was rising. At that time the population was increasing rapidly, so he pointed out at his book that the aim of building houses should have a change. According to his thoughts buildings should be more practical, their functionality should be the primary need. So concern of the beauty of design should be discussed later on.

“House is a machine that we live in.”


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