Mixture of my model 1 & 2


In this project I was excepted to choose an image from Pinterest ( we were only allowed to use the key words while searching in the site, and I did my research by using “repetation”.) and afterwards we were going to abstract the selected picture. This was the hardest part for me because since now I didn’t have any idea what abstraction meant. So we discussed what it could have been and did several researches about it with my friend and started bring the pieces together. I seperated this image to two pieces: one is the hips and the second is the legs. After the seperation I’ve done some sketches on a tracing paper and this process helped me to see every area easier.


After a long discuss of our first models, I thought I understund the meaning of abstraction. but, what a pure me? I had lots of questions which didn’t have any clear answer. I was mixed up, but still tried to do my second model. If you look closely there is lots of different layer which has different transparency in individual. To make it easier to see all the parts I’ve done some sketches on tracing paper again. After analysing for long hours I ended up with something like this, but I have to add that still most of the questions weren’t clear. I wasn’t sure what relationship was.

In my next post I’ll talk about the superimposed images which ended up as a 3rd modal.


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