Preparing a poster with a high quality of characteristic is important for having a good communication with others. A poster should take attention very quickly. Language should be clear, so everybody could understand it easily and won’t get mixed up. Also the font type is one other point which should be considered and the size of it should be big enough, or else it would be hard to see it from a far distance. Colors are also important. We shouldn’t use too much of it. But it is a designers decision, so it depends on what we are trying to give as a message.

Ass.02_Dilara Ozlu

My first poster.

So this was my first poster and also my first time using a Photoshop program. And ,without any doubt, I had lost of difficulties on using the program, so it took so much time for me to prepare it before the submission ended. Here, because I zoomed in too much, I omitted lots of the reference lines, which I shouldn’t have done it. Also I need to inform you that we had two picture choices and we were suppose to crop a size of 20cmx20cm and allowed to use only one color other than the ones in the image and suppose to use the 40 words long text with its title.

Original image

This is the original image which I used for my poster. I cropped the left middle edge of it.

I took references according to the parallel lines of the walls, but as I mentioned in the previous paragraph just because I zoomed in too much I cannot see references clearly. I placed the text at the middle and used bigger font size to make the title more noticeable and I changed the transparency. There is no reason for the color I used. That is only  a designers decision. For the part above the text I used parallel aligned lines and for bottom of the text I used one transparent layer and colored the black rectilinear planes. The reason for this process is that I want to show the texture of the original cropped image.

After this poster I’ve done one more of it. But  this one was more easy because after the discussion of the first poster I realised the mistakes I’ve done. So I tried to avoid it this time. In Arch121 we  read one chapter of “Toward an Architecture” which is written by Le Corbusier. We had to make a poster with good composition and organisation which will be a reflection of the ideas related to the text given.


I used an A4 sized paper and fold it on top for several times to make noticeable lines and I changed the brightness and contract to make the lines more clear. I took every line on the A4 paper as a reference to place the words in a correct order. I also changed the font sizes and font types to avoid the mess. An other reference line, rather than the ones on the blanc page, is the letter of the word ” nature”s “e” . I also point it out in th poster by using a black long line as a continuity of it. One more similar reference is at the title: Absolute Ingenuity, using the same method here by connecting the letter “T” and the letter “I” with a long black line.

Before the poster I’ve submitted to moodle, I had difficulties on deciding which poster I should submit.

making a decision on the two posters.

For the poster at the right I used an abstracted image which was taken in San Fransisco. I abstracted it by analysing the similarities of the textures. But the reason for not submitting this poster is that the image under the text was a bit more noticeable at the first sight. So, I changed the image with more plane one and reorganised the word order.

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