First Step

Deciding my future job was a difficult and long process. Being an architect was my dream, for sure. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted it that bad. I had lots of questions at that time which was not clear at all.

I knew that being an achitecture student was not something easy. I would have to work harder than I was as usual. I knew that I would be under a big pressure. On the other hand I didn’t have any problem at staying up till morning. I wouldn’t mind sleeping less or drinking gallons of coffee. Indeed, I loved coffee. And studying architecture sounded good.

Studying the right faculty is something really important. Since there is a large variety, sometimes it could be tricky. But, I think I have made the right decision by choosing architecture department. My future job will influence my life. And it is important to be happy with something you do.

Studying a semester in English language school and another semester in my faculty didn’t create enough time for me to acquire knowledge about being an arch student. (I need to add that I am an irregular student and we, as irregular students, do not have any permission for assigning to studio classes.) So, throughout that one year, I went to the studio and joined them while they were discussing their assignments. I didn’t have any idea what they were talking about. However, it was a good experience for me and I felt like one of them and till then I was waiting today.

Last Thursday I had my first class with Bilge İmamoğlu, a lecture which was related to architecting. He handed us a handbook which had lots of useful information for students who has just started studying arch courses. It helped me to learn a lot. There were information about studio culture, courses, assingment and projects, process of designing, lecture and workshops, critiques and presentations, juries and most importantly studio ethic, the reason for that is studio is an area which you share with others. And the design is also interesting. It catches your attention quickly.


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